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Photography Tips: By Joseph Wojcicki

Photography Tips: By Joseph Wojcicki

Learn Photography Tips And How To Use Tools:

Smaller The Number Bigger The Hole "Lets In More Light"

A=Aperature Priority "Aperature Is Preceded By The F.

Aperature Controls "Depth Of Field"

Depth Of Field- How Much Of The Photo Will Be In Focus.

Shallow Depth Of Field, Person Or Object Is In Crisp Focus, Background May Be Out Of Focus.

Lighting Tip: When You Want To See Something In Greater Detail Far Away Squint Your Eyes, Lets In Less Light, Creates Greater Depth Of Focus.

Measured In F Stops

Lower The F Number, Wider The Aperature

Higher The F Number More Closed Down

Lower The F Stop, Shallow Depth Of Field.

Wider Lens Lets In More Light.

Higher 11 Or 16 Only lets In little Light

Lower F Number= More Light less Focus

Low F Stop Means Wider Aperature.

Lets In More Light Ex. person

Night Mode: Will Fire The Flash & Keep The Shutter Speed Slow.

M= Fully Manual

S= Shutter Priority

P= Program Auto "Series Of Preset Combos"

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